2019 Nov 16 - Bad Election Week for Labour

I always have a bit of a laugh looking up the latest headlines and seeing what nonsense the BBCs website considers news. Example, "Could invisible barcode revolutionise recycling?" to which of course the answer is "could I care less?" Well the apparently the answer is yes I could care less about certain things, namely the ins and outs of the Labour Party manifesto because thanks to an week of political ineptitude, it has about as much chance of becoming reality as that dream I had where a Zebra won the grand national.

The Labour party had a dreadful week, with contradictory press releases, public heckling, a series of candidates facing legal challenges as well as prospective MPs suggesting more approaches to Brexit than there are stars on the EU flag. Although most online activists would rather concentrate on that other flag with a star on it, the blue six-sided one.

The week also saw Jeremy Corbyn asked which terrorist he'd like to invite to Downing Street if he won which I'll admit would at least make for an interesting episode of Come Dine With Me. There was a story put out suggesting that he'd suffered stroke earlier in the year and was now merely a figurehead for the machinations behind the scene, a bit like the old Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in his last year, although presumably Corbyn would like to be seen as a bit more left wing than Leonid.

Two possibilities therefore exist: [1] the conspiracy one, in which the campaign is now being deliberately badly run so that he's forced to step down on grounds of 'ill health' before a new and fresh Labour frontrunner promises a government of national unity and they romp home with support from the SNP and the LibDems.

Possibility [2] the Daily Mail wants to sell newspapers, to make money [!], and the campaign is just really what you'd expect when its run by 20-something year old activists fresh from university, whose only experience with the public was when they read about them in a book, and who probably think the coal strike was something about trying to save the environment.
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