2019 Sep 28 - Democrats want to impeach Trump

Not sure if you've been to the cinema recently but whether it's the Avengers, Star Wars or Frozen II's upcoming release, sequels are all the rage. Which is why in America, the Democrats are keen to play to their base and make a sequel to the Muller Report with a wildcard and ultimately doomed to fail impeachment procedure. And as with Hobbs & Shaw, the 9th in that film trilogy, both are expected to be really really popular in California, but ultimately lacklustre and largely forgettable elsewhere.

So what is the accusation. Well a few months ago, President Trump had a phone call with the President of Ukraine and afterwards a whistleblower claimed that threats were made, there was corruption involved and that President Trump had exceeded his authority in threatening them. Which sounds a lot like a meeting between the Thomas Cook's board of directors and their bank. The house democrats pushed for a full release of everything. And in the end President Trump surprised many by declassifying the full transcript which reveals nothing took place, no threats were made, no money was promised in exchange for favours and the whole charade was for nothing. Except that it plays to the base and like a poker player that's gone all in they have to play this hand to the end because they've put everything on the line. And unlike the Ukrainian border during Obama's time in office, that's not a line that they're willing to give up on.

A lot of this also is down to the fact that the call mentioned investigating the link between a corrupt Ukrainian official and the son of Joe Biden, currently the leader in the race to face President Trump in 2020. This is someone that even the EU think is too corrupt to remain in office, the investigator that is. And maybe I've lost track of things but the last I heard, the US government was supposed to be on the lookout for Russian or Ukrainian influence in the 2020 election? They did after all just spend 2 years and $40m on the Muller investigation. An investigation that turned out to be about as eye opening as bright sunshine when you're hung over.

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