2019 Sep 06 - Westminster Brexit Chaos

The last couple of days at Westminsters have been a mess, certainly far worse than anything I've seen and I'm in the process of toilet training a 3 year old. But let's try to simplify and lay out the process of how we got here:

1) MPs don't want to want Brexit to happen, even though the public do and many of those MPs were explicitly elected promising to deliver it. As an analogy This is a like me promising to buy kitchen roll from the corner shop, then spending the money on wine and later refusing tidy up a spilled glass of the wine rather than admit that I didn't want to buy kitchen roll

2) This would normally be resolved by an election, except the MPs will lose their jobs, many are being actively deselected by their local constituencies, and now that Boris Johnson is in power, everyone knows that all they can do is try to delay Brexit as long as they can. It's like watching football supporters calculate how their team can still technically quality for Europe. I guess in this scenario, the constituents live in a small town up north and don't care because the MP supports a different team to them, probably Chelsea in this scenario, it's a London team and come on, only 1 win all season?

3) The upcoming election, when it comes, will comprehensively destroy the Labour party with the majority of its votes going to either the Brexit Party or the Lib Dems, depending on where they are. It will be an English repeat of what happened after the Scottish referendum changed the political landscape from right vs left to right vs wrong as the whole thing transformed overnight into a religious style crusade for vengeance with a show of Scottish anger that hadn't been seen that time Gordon Brown threw a laser printer across the room. Allegedly.

4) What happens next will be determined by who plays the system better. The thing about an unwritten constitution is that it's not written down. The bill supposedly forcing Boris to ask for an extension to article 50 might get lost or amended into uselessness. Maybe Boris will forget to ask the Queen to sign off on the bill, perhaps the EU won't want an extension anyway and don't forget it's also possible that the member states hold the power to veto the decision. I think I'm actually right in saying that (as a member state) Britain could veto it which would frankly be hilarious, watching Boris signing the veto and once more calling for an election while the Facebook servers caught fire. What is certain is that most MPs pushing for Remain seem to believe that it is a temporary thing or one where they are on the popular side, utterly fail to grasp both public sentiment outside of Westminster as well as the vast swell of resentment they're building up outside that bubble.

Ok, so here's a joke to lighten the mood back up. Vincent van Gogh is sitting in a bar and Picasso walks in, "Do you fancy a drink, Vincent?" "No, I've got one ear"
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