2019 Aug 17 - Hong Kong Protests

Looking over the news I thought that the pop band "Flock of Seagulls" had died in a plane crash, but it turns out to have been been a plane downed in Russia after being struck by some birds. Makes a change from the government crashing a plane I suppose. Therefore this week we look further eastward to Hong Kong where protests have escalated faster than the number of lawsuits filed against Jeffrey Epstein.

This week there were shots of the the Hong Kong police firing pepper spray, certainly not the first time I've seen some Chinese over-seasoned and to use another cooking reference, the protests have boiled over, into the regular life. The airport was forced to close and there are now activists encouraging people to empty their bank account and therefore start a run on the Chinese banking system. In response the police have made sure to turn up to work extra early, to beat the crowds.

The citizens have for the past 10 weeks, been voicing concerns about the legal system, specifically a controversial extradition bill as well as general police brutality and corruption. To make it more complicated, they're also protesting about how they are not Chinese, all while speaking in Chinese and they chose to use the old British colonial flag to represent how they want to remain independent and not be a colony. So far, so confusing. Here's an idea, why doesn't the Queen ask for Hong Kong back and fly Meghan Markle out there to run it, then let the Chinese do everyone a favour.

The protestors have also made references to how they need a Martin Luther King figure and that's probably the one thing that Beijing would be keen to go along with, even going so far as to help organise a motel for the leader to stay and presumably later be assassinated at under mysterious circumstances. On a more ominously violent note, a photo emerged in recent days of a sports stadium brimming with military equipment in a way that I've only ever seen done with toys on a child's bedroom floor. For all the Chinese claim to dislike the Japanese, it certainly does has a copycat feeling of December 1941 to it.
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