2019 Mar 30 - Theresa May fails a 3rd time

There's that expression "third time's a chart" but it's not always true, as Theresa May found out this week after her third attempt at passing her "deal" achieved about the same level of success as someone heading into a pub claiming they can only stay for one. The Prime Minister's actually discussed having a 4th go at it and it's almost become like watching someone repeatedly failing to give up smoking or learn a foreign language. I wonder whether Theresa has a copy of the novel Finnegans Wake on a shelf, waiting to be started for the 6th or 7th time?

The problem with Mrs May is that you're increasingly unsure whether she knows that she's trying to sell a terrible deal that achieves nothing, or whether she actually believes the lies and spin that her staff repeat to her several times per day, like some kind of weird cult where everyone wears bracelets with the words "strong and stable" etched on them.

The most telling part of the whole vote at Westminster was that its defeat was celebrated as much by Brexiteers as Remainers, at this stage nobody has a clue what will happen, though in the real business world nobody cares, employment is up and the scare stories being put out by number 10 seem about as believable now as a Scooby Doo story set down at the old abandoned amusement arcade. Personally I'm inclined to think that the EU will tell London to sling its hook and that Remain supporting Theresa will have, in the end, unwittingly delivered a WTO rules brexit that, for people like myself who've devoted decades to the cause, will be quite a surprise. And it's pretty hard to surprise me these days. What, there's a toy inside the Kinder Egg? Woop-de-doo, what a surprise.

In the mean time, we can only play the waiting game and possibly await a general election this summer involving yet more deselections, parties splitting and the swingometer replaced with a strange 4-dimensional thing. Still, whatever happens at least we'll be discussing policy and the viewpoints of the candidates, rather than Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich, or the David Cameron story that also by happenstance featured a pig.
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