2019 Mar 09 - North Korea Again

Earlier this week I was wondering if Elton John liked Lettuce, then I realised that he was more of a rocket man. Well someone else who likes rockets is Kim Jong Un after satellite images this week revealed that the oversized dictator decided to rebuild the rocket launch site that had previously been destroyed.

Talks between the US and North Korea broke down recently so the communists decided to mark the occasion by rebuilding some rockets which will also almost certainly break down and fall into the sea of Japan.

Specifically reports came out that North Korea's main rocket launch site at Sohae had been rebuilt. However, this is a facility that has only been used for rocket tests, not missile tests and it’s been suggested that perhaps they want to launch a satellite rather than a bomb. But then we live in an age when Elon Musk put a car into space so who knows, watching a list of ongoing space projects has become like the prize conveyer belt on the Generation Game although I guess that reference wouldn't make sense in a country like North Korea where making a fool of yourself using a potters wheel is followed by a visit from the state police rather than humorous facial expressions from either Larry Grayson or Bruce Forsyth depending on how old you are. It's strange isn't it to think that Brucey grew up in an era when North Korea was a bastion of free market capitalism?

I once objected to some Jehovah’s Witnesses building a Kingdom Hall locally because there were bound to be knock on effects. Reddit? But this is a good example of knock on effects in the real world. The US decided that it wouldn’t trade oil with North Korea unless they completely gave up the bomb research and also the slave labour camps. And the knock on effect is that the North Koreans decided to walk away and go back to normal because they think no deal is better than a bad deal. I wonder if there’s some kind of lesson to be learnt there.
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