2019 Feb 23 - Shamima Begum

This week has seen a lot of debate, by which I mean politicallyy correct attention seeking, over whether teenager Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK, after spending years living in ISIS controlled territory and discovering that 'ISIS' rhymes with 'crisis' and that like those still holding onto Blackberry telephones, the jihadist extremists are very much on the losing side these days; the territory held has been reduced to just a couple of hundred square miles, approximately the size of a mid-sized Ikea. I know it's a military cliché but this war may well be over by Christmas, but don't tell them that, the overtly Christian religious symbology of that will only strengthen their extremist zeal.

Anyway Shamima's heard that Doctor Who is a lady now, so she wants to return to the UK. She's over 17 now too so she'd even (as a woman) be allowed to legally drive or visit the shops on her own if she lived in the UK. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people say that the caliphate is a great place for women to live, but then you realise they say it's the best place "hands down" and you become very aware that an axe is being ushered in.

For all the talk of international law and the technicalities of her case, the arguments put forward by the lawyers really seem a bit like complaining that the kitchen in the Titanic wasn’t up to code. The same people who say she was young and immature already want young people to be given the vote and at the end of the day, she was already older than that when she publicly justified the Manchester Terrorist attack. Of course it was around that time that the fighters lost interest because they'd put a lot of effort into capturing oil fields just before the price of crude headed south. Something else that of course headed south was a wave of drone fighters from NATO bases in the north.

Jeremy Corbyn of course made some platitudes which were broadly in line with his previous sentiments for extremist organisations starting with the letter "I" Mind you, with his MPs defecting to form their own group, you can't blame him for wanting every possible vote he can lay his hands on. Things aren't going too well really, I saw pictures of him in the press visiting a homeless shelter, it makes you wonder: things must be really bad in London if someone on his salary can't afford the rent.
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