2018 Nov 24 - Brexit deal "like the Titanic"

Theresa May has a couple of different residences: sometimes she lives in Number 10 Downing Street, sometimes Chequers but for the most part she's living in fear and denial.

She's also living in cloud-cuckoo-land as she flies off this weekend to get the EU to sign off on her deal, under the misapprehension that a majority of MPs will vote for it when it comes back to Westminster. When you see the prime minister talking about how great an idea her deal is, it very much reminds of a contestant on the Apprentice proposing some dreadful idea like baby toys made out of lead or a steak+kidney flavoured chocolate cake. I suppose the irony is that Sir Alan Sugar is actually in the House Of Lords.

The latest agreement in many ways has been designed to effectively keep Britain within the EU's framework of laws and regulations, whilst allowing Theresa May to claim that Brexit has apparently happened, I half imagine in a few months she might give a speech from the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier with a huge "mission accomplished" banner behind her, like George W Bush did, one year into that never-ending quagmire of deceit and murder.

There's also been an attempt by Downing Street to make Mrs May look professional by squaring down Spain after a spat about Gibraltar that was likely planned weeks in advanced. In truth a Spanish veto was never an issue due to majority voting, and any 'written assurance to work hard' is worth less than the paper it's printed on. Possibly less than the paper an verbal statement isn't printed on.

The only positive thing to come out of Mrs May's trip to Europe is that the local news is likely giving a lot of coverage to the fuel riots in Paris. Perhaps she'll get a sense of what might happen in the UK if she's not too careful. Though perhaps the French wouldn't have to worry about the cost of petrol if they weren't setting fire to so much of it in the streets.
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