2018 Nov 17 - Theresa May Unveils her Brexit Plan

This week Theresa May finally unveiled the details of her Brexit plan and in doing so became about as popular as Peter Sutcliffe at a WI meeting. Troops were mobilised, ministers resigned, letters were written, pieces were given to camera and if a week's a long time in politics, this upcoming week will likely feel like the DFS sale.

If you're clicking the refresh internet news website, waiting for an announcement of a leadership election, it almost feels like the old days waiting for a Ceefax page to tick over and I imagine that the prime minister is currently frantically watching the clock tick by, like a football fan in the 89th minute, aware that the more time that passes, the greater the chance she'll have escaped once more time.

In the meantime, following resignations, there were new cabinet appointees because as they say, "as one door closes, another one opens" which is a great lesson in life but also highly annoying if you have an Ikea wardrobe. Those new ministers then: Stephen Barclay as new Brexit Secretary. It's a job which largely involves signing off dishonest press releases and claiming expenses, ironically the exact sort of European Parliamentary thing we're supposed to be leaving. Amber Rudd is the new DWP minister, the 6th in 3 years by the way, and Northern Ireland minister is Remain fanatic John Penrose. Fans of optical illusions will know that a "Penrose Triangle" is the formal name for that 3D impossible triangle illusion so perhaps it's all just a high-brow joke, placing him in Northern Ireland, the unsolvable part of the Brexit riddle.

Except I doubt anyone right now is in charge or sensibly in control of anything. On the plus side, it is perhaps only now, with Angela Merkel also leaving her job, that it's dawned on Brussels that the same incompetence to negotiate anything of substance, is the same incompetence that makes Mrs May unable to sell their backstop scam and that the UK now looks increasingly set to leave with no deal. The most annoying thing is that were that to happen then in 10 years from now almost certainly be subjected to Europhile careerists insisting that they were playing a long con from the start and they supported a no-deal Brexit the whole time.
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