2018 Oct 28 - Pipe Bomb Attacks

Well it's halloween time but there's always someone who takes it too far and this year it was a 56 year old man in Florida who took it upon himself to scare politicians by sending them over a dozen pipe bombs in the post. The potential victims included the Clintons, former president Obama as well as actor Robert Deniro who having escaped a grisly death akin to Goodfellas or the Godfather, will now have many more years in which to murder his reputation with films like the Fockers series or that one, Dirty Grandpa, in which the crassest joke was the one in which millions of people were convinced into paying money to see it.

Anyway, the domestic terrorist Cesar Sayoc was apprehended at an Autozone where he was possibly buying more bomb parts. This story of course should not be mistaken with the similar but different story in which Elon Musk was seen in an auto factory manufacturing a bong. Cesar was traced fairly easily after he left fingerprints on one of the bombs so the lesson there is either to wear gloves or to not make bombs in the first place. For Elon Musk the lesson is not to publish videos of you taking drugs if you're the owner of a billion dollar company on the verge of bankruptcy.

Of course, one of the telling parts is the part where President Trump went on to tweet that political violence has "no place in this country" with the key word being "this" what with the White House being surprisingly ok with political violence when it happens in other countries, especially those closer to the equator, or oil. I guess chain letters have gone out of fashion but I could imagine Mohammed Bin Salman being told that someone posted a chainsaw to him, and misreading that as an excuse to start sending saws onto people in his address book, like that chap in Turkey who ended up more hacked than a Windows XP computer.

Other point to note has been a lack of response from Jeremy Corbyn's office but I imagine he must find it morally difficult to pigeonhole a glorious freedom fighting terrorist who somehow isn't Irish, Middle Eastern, or in charge of economic policy decision making.
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