2018 Sep 29 - Labour Party Conference

Well the US Supreme Court decision has delayed for a week. That's almost as long a delay as a Southern Rail train! So in the meantime let's talk about the Labour Party Conference which was held this last week in Liverpool. They were in Brighton last year which frankly always came as a surprise to me as there's not too many Bright'uns in the leadership right now

Anyway, there was much of what you'd expect, everyone out-doing each other with speeches about how much they hate money and why they should therefore be given more of it. There were also some student speakers who must have been studying theoretical physics and time travel because, in spite of having been born in the mid to late 90s, had vivid memories of growing up during the Thatcher era and subsequently drew comparisons to Theresa May. Frankly those comparisons probably play better with Conservative Party members right now who are watching Boris Johnson's every move with excitement and anticipation. There were also the comedy warmup acts like Diana Abbott who bizarrely forgot the phone number for the 999 emergency service and following a breach of rules, an EU flag was removed from the floor because if you're flying a flag with yellow stars they have to be on top of a red background like Uncle Joe Stalin would have liked it.

The main highlight of the Labour getogether was probably the much publicised motion that Labour would commit to a People's Vote on Brexit, a second referendum! But then John McDonnell clarified that it would simply ask deal or no deal – there would be no option to remain in the EU. And shadow Brexit secretary Keir Stammer added that “no one is ruling out the option to remain” So it's a 2 way vote with three options, similar in some ways to how Corbyn himself regularly polls not just behind Theresa May but also behind the Don't Know option and is therefore 3rd place in a 2-horse race.

So therefore we once again we pivot to the competing Conservative party conference in the next couple of days and ponder for yet another year whether Theresa May will make it out as party leader and whether people will focus on letters dropping off the wall this time or simply on Boris dropping letters into the Daily Telegraph. I personally don't know who to feel sorry for, the poor journalists who have to attend weeks of there, or the voters who have to live with the consequences.
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