2018 Sep 15 - Hurricane Florence & 2 Russian Spies

It's once again tropical storm season with Hurricane Florence crashing into America's east coast like Mel Gibson in the parking lot outside a liquor store. In addition to the loss of life and the economic impact of the storm, the property damage alone is estimated to be $170bn and you have to remember that that's just the initial quote the repairman gave. So bear that in mind when you look at the pictures of mobile homes and trailers which have been for whatever reason, remained firmly in place throughout the storm rather than moved out of harms way as the name would imply.

Anyway, just to add insult to injury, the people who live there will have to wait a few weeks to have electricity restored, only to finally turn on the television and have adverts for the November mid-term elections rammed down their faces for several more weeks. It's like hearing that a friend of yours has been moved out of intensive care only to discover he's been moved to the mortuary.

Talking of mortuaries though, the 2 Salisbury Russian spies have been back on the news following an interview in which they denied poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal. I should add that the Skripals aren't actually dead, people forget that they survived, but I guess I'd keep my head down too if I were an former Russian double agent and Vladimir Putin was trying to kill me. Anyway, they decided to take a break from whatever spies do, spreading fake news, using Facebook to dismantle Western democracy, to do an interview for Russia Today - a news channel which is to unbiased objective journalism what Pot Noodles are to haute cuisine. Anyway, in the interview the two Russians deny everything and claim to have visited Salisbury on a whim, all the way from Russia, to see it's 123m cathedral spire. Well, when Thomas Becket was killed outside Canterbury cathedral in 1170, I'm sure Henry II had a similar excuse and it worked for him.
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