2018 Sep 01 - Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Ok, Frank Field and possibly others are finally quitting the Labour Party so it's time to get round to talking about anti-semitism and Jeremy Corbyn's purposeful woeful attempt to eradicate it. Until a couple of years ago the Labour Party was run by Ed Miliband, someone who claimed to be not just jewish but a modern sort of jewish where you get to eat bacon sandwiches and have your own set of ten commandments carved up except instead of Judaeo-Christian laws they're actually vague promises about the NHS and Len McClusky's paying for it.

Anyway, that was a long time ago now and we now live in an age where Jeremy Corbyn is in charge of the party. This is also an age where Twitter and Facebook have to be taken sort of seriously because they influence everything from policy to which tv newsreader to harass online with anonymous threats riddled with spelling mistakes. Social media is there so that President Trump can tell us what's on his mind just as much as it's there so that John McDonnell's friends can discuss tax ideas in the comments section under a youtube video about how Israel were responsible for everything from rise of ISIS to the rise in the cost of a pint of milk.

It also leads to a class of negligent, purposely ignorant people who have their opinions and education shaped and fed to them entirely by a self-feeding algorithm, they don't read books, know next to nothing about 20th century history and likely didn't live through that era when it was just as ok for the government to own a car company as it was for it to give Jimmy Savile a show on children's television.

There are a lot of people who believe that a complex situation like the middle east is actually a pretty simple and black and white issue, if only the folks in charge would listen to what they have to say on the matter. These are also the sort of people who believe you can fix everything with asset seizure, capital controls and massive consequence-free tax rises. Most importantly, these are also the sort of people who elect Jeremy Corbyn and to give the man some credit, at least he's aware of that one fact. If you expel the people who'll believe any video as long as it's under 10 minutes and accompanied by an ominous soundtrack, you lose your base.

On the other hand, perhaps Jeremy Corbyn's a conspiracy theory beyond all of us and genuinely believes it's all fiction, a plot devised up by Nathaniel Rothschild and George Osbourne sitting with a laptop around a pentagram in a cave.

For a while the party has been keen to ignore the problem, treating it somewhat like a credit card debt that nobody knows about, it will probably certainly likely maybe take care of itself. No, this is now more like a debt with a local gangster, you really should get it paid off sharpish, and you probably shouldn't pass the time sharing racist cartoons on twitter about jewish money lenders and how Garry the Loanshark is working for Mossad.

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