2018 Aug 25 - Manafort and Cohen Guilty

America has given us baseball, jazz and just as importantly (and depressingly) a culture in which top lawyers are treated like Babe Ruth and Louis Armstrong rolled into one and this past week saw more legal drama than a whole series of Perry Mason as the investigation into the 2016 election cracked up a notch.

Paul Manafort, the president's campaign chairman was found guilty on 8 counts consisting of tax fraud, bank fraud, hiding foreign bank accounts, and now faces 240 years in jail. That's a long time to be in prison, though if he uses some sort of magic sorcery to remain alive then all that money he's hidden overseas will np doubt have accrued enough interest for him to return more powerful than ever, no doubt to help participate in an election where one of the candidates is Hilary Clinton's brain in a glass jar, trying for one last shot at the Oval Office.

Joining him in prison will most likely be Michael Cohen, Mr Trump's personal lawyer, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday to eight criminal charges, including tax evasion, bank fraud, campaign finance violations as well as possibly worse of all, having made Stormy Daniels into a media celebrity, like a somehow more downmarket version of Katie Price. I was about to say Kardashian there, which would be somewhat ironic because the Kardashians father was actually the lawyer who defended OJ Simpson in the trial of last century. Anyway, he's hoping for lenient sentencing for being corporative so it might be 60 years, it might be 3 years, same sort of time frame as when you get locked into a bad phone contract.

Other faces now showing up on the news include David Pecker, head of the company that publishes the Trump favourite National Enquirer as well as Allen Weisselberg, The Trump Organization's finance boss, both of whom this week were granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for cooperating with Robert Mueller's office. Presumably the part of the office where Robert himself is sitting. Sitting I'm guessing and wondering to himself where all the Russian hackers are and why it's all just financial crimes. If it is a witch hunt then I guess it's one in which the witches get burnt at the stake for not paying capital gains after turning the lead into gold.
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