2018 Aug 11 - Boris, Burkas and the Space Force

Two stories this week and just like spellings of the word Colour, one is from the UK and one from America.

Let's first talk about Boris Johnson was embroiled in a row after making comments about women wearing the Burka resembling a postbox, a row possibly inspired by the thought that the next tory leadership election will involve sending out thousands of postal ballots to the party faithful. The comment or joke or hate speech or leadership stump, depending how you view it, attracted support from Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson in The Times as well as The Guardian who published the same joke in an opinion piece several years ago, oh wait no, they came out on the side of political correctness this time, rather than feminism. If you want my take on it it's pretty simple to tell the burka and a post box apart: one is for first and second class mail, the other is for second class females across most of the Arab world. There's 200m women out there by the way if anyone wants to take a break from discussing gender pay differences at the BBC to focus on something more substantive.

Next to America though where Donald Trump, satisfied with the progress of his trade war with China decided to expand the scope of his presidential vision by announcing a new Space Force. The move came as a blow to toy manufacturers who've used names like Space Force along with Star Battles or Transformingers to sell knock off 3rd party rubbish to kids down the market. The kind of toy manufacturers who back in the 80s would have sold you a Back To The Future toy that where the DeLorean looked suspiciously like a grey Ford Granada from another toy set. Anyway, back to the Space Force, there's currently a 'choose your favourite logo' website which - this being America - of course leads onto a political donations webpage because frankly the President's 2020 campaign will likely cost more than the actual Space Force will. Alas for most of the fun science fiction imagery, the new branch of the military will most likely be responsible for cataloging boring things like the position of spy satellites and the like. If it does resemble Star Trek in any way, it'll be more like when the fans are arguing about plotholes in intricate detail from their mother's basement. But then I'm more of a Battlestar Gallactica fan myself anyway.
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