2018 Jun 24 - Illegal migrants on the US Border

Still lots of football going on out there with more passes than Diane Abbott on Mastermind. But elsewhere, this week saw the US involved in what was either described as mass human rights abuses on the Mexican border, or the culmination of decades of mismanagement when it comes to immigration. President Trump was keen to stress that this was actually the continuation of an Obama-era policy which only made the situation more confusing really, what would possess the president to actually embrace one of Obama's policies?

To do some fact-checking though, president Obama did oversea the deportation of over 2m migrants just as he did a lot of other things that people don't like to remember like when he wasn't relaxing quite a few gun laws in between shooting basketball hoops and of course shooting people from the air with drones all across the Middle East. Nonetheless, we live in a social media age and families (illegal migrants or not) locked up in cages don't play terribly well in an election year. Also, it is worth noting that president Trump got elected largely because of his unwillingness to put the dreams and wishes of illegal migrants ahead of those who already live in impoverished parts of the US.

Nonetheless, the United Nations human rights watch stepped up to condemn the US. This of course is the same human rights council that's headed up by Saudi Arabia which always seemed strange: a bit like making Richard Dawkins the pope or asking Gordon Brown to look after your money. Up until now the Saudi's have mostly used their position of power to line their pockets or occasionally put out a press release about Rohingya Muslims being persecuted in Burma. But then they also started criticising Isreal's behaviour in the West bank and now they're bashing the US itself so I guess it's time for Washington to call for fresh elections, by which I mean presumably give the role to the highest bidder, just as long as it's not Russia, or Saudi Arabia again (unless they've learnt their lesson)
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