2018 Apr 07 - London's Violent Crimewave

A number of years ago in London I saw a sign in the pub warning about thieves operating and after I was asked to pay £7 for a pint I realised that they were mostly standing behind the bar. However, this week saw a violent crime wave epidemic in London coming to world prominence as the city overtook New York's crime rate.

As with many other problems in London like the cost of living or the mostly lackluster performance of football clubs' the Champions League, there are lots of underlying causes. But (sticking to crime for now) anyone being interviewed about it will likely put it solely being down to too little money or too much immigration. Actually, a lot of football fans would probably use those two excuses as well. In the US London's crime wave is being portrayed as a 2nd amendment isssue with the underlying problem supposedly being that people are banned from literally bringing a gun to a knife fight.

Every advocacy group likes to give their own spin though, some members of the SNP will probably put the blame on there being too many English people and I'm guessing that in the coming days the green party will almost certainly produce a chart showing a perfect correlation between rising crime and rising levels of atmospheric carbon. Of course in London itself the Mayor is saying nothing because there's upcoming elections and he thinks that keeping out of the media spotlight will probably play better than admitting that he's presiding over the crime equivalent of a burst sewer main. For what it's worth I'd say take a look at Camden or perhaps Shadwell, both areas seem to have been unaffected by the the up-spike in violence crime in spite of having huge immigrant populations and less money to spend than one of the fools who got into Bitcoin at the wrong time.

Here's an idea, perhaps the problem can't be summed up in a soundbite cause it's actually slightly nuanced and quite complicated: it's like Oceans 11 rather than Jaws 11. Getting all the guns and knives off the street is like getting all the antisemitism out of the Labour party, it's not going to happen any time soon and certainly not while Sadiq Khan is too busy playing Candy Crush Saga rather than getting out and doing some work.
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