2018 Mar 11 - Trump will meet Kim Jong Un

Big news in the world of diplomacy, bigger than Kim Jong Un's waistline even. It was announced that President Trump and Kim Jong Un are going to be meeting in person. This marks a big shift in diplomacy from both the North Koreans as well as the president who has spent the past year or so conducting international affairs via Twitter with all the dexterity of a drugged horse

The meeting itself could be a set-piece historic event like the Yalta Conference in 1945 when Franklin Roosevelt met with Stalin, or that time that Ronald Reagan met with Humphrey Bogart oh actually no wait that was when he was still an actor. Anyway, it's a first date of sorts though so perhaps the president will decline the usual offers from CNN or the BBC and get one of the reality show networks like Bravo to cover the event. If things go badly then it would certainly be better for everyone if it ended up with one of them throwing a glass of wine across the table, as compared to launching an thermonuclear strike.

If we're not comparing Trump to FDR then who? Kennedy dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis and certainly Mr Trump wants to be perceived as a similarly new modern kind of president like Kennedy: a media savvy change from a presidential style of old. I don't know if Stormy Daniels a new albeit trashier version of Marilyn Monroe although certainly it wouldn't surprise many people if the the CIA turned out to already be looking to hire a "lone gunman"

In more cold-war-style news, the Russians have been busy too: Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia collapsed last weekend in Salisbury after being exposed to a nerve agent. There's 180 military investigators although obviously at the moment then anyone could be to blame (innocent until proven guilty after all!) which is presumably why the newspapers have to use the term "nerve agent" rather than "Russian agent" but the backstory is that in 2006 the former Russian military security colonel was convicted by the Russian government of passing secrets to MI6 and in 2010 he was then offered asylum in the UK. It sounds very hospitable for the British government really to do that although you have to remember that back then the government were dishing out passports and visas like confetti at a ticker tape parade. Anyway, the government never lies and you can definitely always trust what the spy agencies tell us so I suspect that we won't find out the real truth until things eventually get declassified in 50 years time. For now though, if you're a Russian dissident who's been passing on state secrets then try and stay safe!
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