2018 Feb 18 - Russia Update

Normally when there's a "Russia update" it's means bad news, just ask Napoleon. It's often the one of worst kind of updates you can get, just short of that update that pops up on your computer constantly demanding that you upgrade Adobe Flash.

So to this week's Russia update when Robert Mueller put out a report naming 13 Russians who supposedly set up a troll farm in order to sway the result of the 2016 election. My favourite part of the report was when it talks about the Russians financing the construction of a cage large enough to hold an actress portraying Hillary Clinton in a prison uniform. It makes it sound like an amateur theatre group but they actually had a budget of a million dollars a month and that's more than Trump was spending on hair products at the time. You'd think with that kind of money the Russians could just drive down to Wallmart if they needed to stock up on cages, presumably along with some computers, snacks from the food aisle, energy drinks and of course some humorous political bumper stickers to put on their truck before the drive back to their HQ.

On the other hand, this conspiracy ultimately boils down to a dozen blokes posting bad things on facebook about Hilary Clinton. And it's worth noting that they started in 2014, two years before the election and for a long time they were mostly posting things in favour of Bernie Sanders who at the time was the more obvious "anti-Hilary" candidate in the race. Actually, forget what I said earlier, my favourite part of this whole thing is that the troll farm called itself the Internet Research Agency and they abbreviated that to the "IRA" implying that they were so incompetent that they couldn't use their internet superpowers to figure out that the name was already taken. Or perhaps the conspiracy is just a lot more far-reaching than I've imagined and that the Russians were also responsible for forcing Gerry Adams out of a job and installing Mary Lou McDonald in his place in order to make trouble for the British.
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