2018 Feb 03 - FBI Memo Released

This week Washington DC was looking forward to the release of an FBI memo with the sort of anticipation you'd more readily associate with an launch of a new iPhone or a perhaps the release of a video in which Piers Morgan conveys empathy or genuine selflessness.

In the end, there was a story and it is a scandal but in the past few weeks we'd all been promised something so shocking that the public would see the 'deep state' for what it is and demand that the FBI be disbanded. But so far really the only people calling for the dismantling of the FBI are the Zodiac Killer, DB Cooper and a collection of suspicious Italian sounding men from New Jersey who all claim that their inordinate wealth stems from an olive oil importing business.

Back to the memo. The shocking memo itself focussed on the dubiously court-approved wiretapping of Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to the Trump election campaign. This was all based on evidence which was knowingly suspect and, in spite of this, the pro-Hilary anti-Trump bias was knowingly allowed and encouraged. But this is more sloppy gamesmanship than a coup d'etat, the powers that be thought they could get away with it because they thought that Hilary Clinton would win anyway and then she'd bestow them with rewards for their loyalty, like more money or more Areas in which to do those alien autopsies. This was political theatre: it wasn't Dallas in Dealey plaza so much as it was Dallas on Saturday evening television.

Of course, I'm saying this with less than 24 hours on the clock; there might be more to come out of this. Or perhaps anything else has already been destroyed many weeks ago, along with the Hilary's email server and the chances of Chelsea Clinton running for president in 2 and a bit years time. Well, one good thing out of three ain't bad I suppose.

Really though whatever the FBI was actually up to was never really the point. The whole purpose of exposing this 'vignette of DC careersmanship at its worst' was to discredit what remains of trust in the institutions. Next week I suppose they're going to leak a memo explaining what the overseas aid gets spent on or what the sausages are made from.
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