2018 Jan 06 - Fire & Fury

If you're normal then you're probably looking for an excuse to stay inside and delay having to start that big New Year excessive regime you'd planned in detail when you'd had a sherry too many. Well you're in luck because sit down in a big comfy armchair and pour yourself a large glass of something because there's a new 'must read' book out called Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

The name "Fire and Fury" of course makes it of course sound a bit like a new Game Of Thrones novel but this one's actually written by Michael Wolff. In many ways, of course, president Trump's 1st year does seem to be inspired by the George R R Martin fantasy series: sure there's political stuff, the cruelty, corruption, hypocrisy, betrayal, violence and so on but then there's also the wall, climate skepticism, a kingdom in debt, fear of the people across the sea and I guess the Dragons represent either China or perhaps Hilary Clinton if she hadn't had as much work done.

But back to the book, it's the sort of thing we'd normally expect to have to wait years to read, at least until Sean Spicer had had time to write his memoir and figure out how to email it to his publisher without accidentally including his windows login password. It's pretty damning stuff about the confusion and idiocy occurring 12 months ago when the President first took power and it largely exposes bare the feud between Trump and Steve Bannon over who was in control and whose ideology was responsible for the win. The win that both of them definitely 100% expected and definitely didn't force them to cancel other projects they'd planned for after the defeat, I mean surprise win, I mean the expected win.

In many ways the Trump-Bannon feud is like a bigger brasher version of the UK's Blair-Brown feud except that neither of them appear to have the humility and integrity of Tony Blair nor the affable jovial charm of Gordon Brown. How depressing.

On the other hand, with Game of Thrones you'll have to wait a year for HBO to release the next series, many years possibly for the next print edition to be in bookstores, whereas we live in a 24-hour rolling news world where the latest White House news is but a click of the remote or a flick of the newspaper away. Sometimes, Westminster politics can be very dull, which is probably something to be very grateful for.
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