2017 Sep 30 - Labour & Conservative Party Conferences


So a few days ago saw the end of the Labour party conference and a fun time was had by all, just as long as you weren’t Laura Kuenssberg, or wanting to play ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ on the jukebox. Party conferences are always curious state managed affairs these days. Originally they were for the grass roots members and MPs to meet and discuss what direction the party should go in, in the case of the Labour party the centre ground, to the left, the far left or extreme left. But no need for discussion this year, you’re either 100% with Jeremy Corbyn or you’re a traitor in need of deselection. Mr Corbyn’s speech had platitudes towards the NHS, about Labour being ready for government but essentially nothing about Brexit or detailed figures or mention of Uber being banned from London; it was a bit like an candidate making an under—prepared pitch on The Apprentice and after a week in front of the media spotlight a lot people still don’t know specifically what the shadow cabinet stand for, apart from the Red Flag, sung with gusto.

Moving from Brighton to Manchester, in the next few days we have the Conservative party conference. Pending a shock result Theresa will be giving the main speech: a speech that I imagine that will either see her gone by November or see her position secured for quite a few years to come. I was quite confused listening to one of her detractors on the radio who said he wanted her gone as soon as Brexit was dealt with, yet at the same time saying he wanted a transition period that would see Brexit (and therefore Theresa May’s premiership) last a nearly a decade. All I know for sure is that her main conference speech will be be shorter than the hour and a half that Mr Corbyn’s went on for. And that the events set to play out in the next few days in dimly lit hotel bars will eventually give way to hundreds of pages of bitter writing when Phillip Hammond eventually publishes his memoirs in a decade or two’s time.
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