2017 Aug 05 - North Korea has a Missile

North Korea is very much like a petulant attention seeking child and this week they got annoyed that we’d been paying too much attention to the other children, I mean countries, mostly the rolling human tragedy unfolding in Venezuela. Of course, if North Korea was a badly behaved child in the back of a car I suppose they might have shouted some swear words, but that’s more of an Anthony Scaramucci thing. He was sacked this week, forced to go after just 10 days, I’ve had milk that lasted longer than some of the people in the White House.

But back to North Korea, they’re not actually a metaphorical child, they’re a dangerous country with a military and a missile programme so they decided to tell the world that they’re soon going to be able to launch a nuclear weapon at New York. And that’s pretty worrying because, as the song says: if you you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Let’s just hope that the US responds to the threat in a calm and rational way. With regards to that economic collapse I mentioned underway in Venezuela, President Trump has decided to throw, economic sanctions in the ring so who knows. Perhaps China will be cajoled into dealing with it in exchange for Trump hotel loyalty points or something.

Of course, I should add that none of this really matters in the real world because I just looked at the BBCs front page and they’re actually leading with a different news story about making washing machines marginally more eco-friendly. Top investigative journalism there chaps. The Daily Mail in contrast is leading with photos of Cristiano Ronaldo's pregnant wife and the Daily Sport is, well it’s not family friendly really so I’ll stop here why not.
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