2017 Jul 28 - Banning petrol cars by 2040 plus Brexit


One of the problems with making promises is that you tend to be held to account, so this week we saw a promise about getting rid of petrol and diesel cars by the tear 2040. That’s 23 years from now when a lot of the politicians will be retired, deceased, rotting in a club in St James’ or simply arguing about how many more leadership elections it will take to oust Jeremy Corbyn. Given how electric cars have been coming along though it’s all fairly silly really, there’s an expression that the stone age didn’t end because we ran out stone. Volvo’s already planning a complete switch without needing arbitrary legislation to make them do it and BMW just announced plans for the new electric Mini, which will be build in the UK, #DespiteBrexit

And that brings us onto the other news story of the week, the Labour Party’s Europe policy, or lack thereof. Either way it’s a viewpoint with about as much coherence as bad Game of Thrones fan fiction. They say they want to leave the Customs Union, but still keep it on the table and Corbyn has ruled in and ruled out Single Market membership while Dianne Abbott and John McDonald went on record saying it will still definitely possibly probably maybe be an option. As far as this Schrodinger’s Cat of a manifesto debate goes, it’s probably also questionable who out of the shadow front bench could even define the actual difference between the Customs Union and Single Market.

But for now it’s the weekend people so go out and enjoy the sun! According to a report just out this week, drinking cuts your diabetes risk, so why not open a case of red wine, or possibly some scotch just to be on the safe side. I just my local loan shark walking down the street with a blood stained cricket bat so I guess even he’s off to enjoy some time in the park.
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