2017 Jul 22 - Sean Spicer's Gone


So Sean Spicer, press secretary, Trump spokesperson and human pinata to the media masses has been pushed out. The trump administration is a populist one though so the incoming new press secretary is of course a regular working class bloke: it’s hugely wealthy Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci! But he’s joining the cabinet - or entourage - as yet another alleged “political outsider” That’s in sense of the word that earning millions of dollars in bonuses and chartering a private jet are “outside” the realms of possibility for most voters.

In other wealth related news, the BBC was forced to disclose how much all it’s top presenters are paid and, lo and behold, turns out that for all the talk of feminism and egalitarianism, the blokes at the have got the lions share of the dosh. As an example, Derek Thompson (star of Casualty) earns £400k compared to cohost Amanda Mealing on £300k, although both earn about 15 times more than an actual front line nurse in a real non-BBC hospital.

Perhaps with hindsight the new Doctor Who was cast as a female in order to reduce the show’s budget, it was only after the list came out after all that the BBC said they’d increase her pay to match Peter Capaldi. If only the decision had been delayed a few months, perhaps they could have hired newly released OJ Simpson. He’s a ‘progressive’ (ethnic minority) actor in need of work and he could have employed those same lighthearted comedy stylings he used in the Naked Gun films to bring in a big US audience. Or alternatively just put him in as Chris Evans’ replacement and get him to test drive an SUV very very slowly up the motorway, that’s the other memorable thing on his CV I suppose…
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