2018 Jan 21 - Carillion & US Government Shutdown

Two big money-related stories this week, the collapse of the company Carillion in the UK and the shutdown of the US government.

Let's talk about Carillion first. The construction giant was one of the big contractors, along with the likes of Serco that the government went to when it decided to regularly capitulate to the demands of pesky voters to build roads or hospitals or the like. If you've ever seen a politician doing a photo op on a construction site in a neon vest and a hardhat then there's a good chance that it was a Carillion project and if you've ever seen that politician later walking onto a board of directors or lobbying in the construction industry, you can see why it all fell apart. The whole point of those PFI projects was that the private sector took on debts rather than the public balance sheet but 2 decades of that along with buying up all their competitors meant that their balance sheet was redder than Jeremy Corbyn as financially suspect as a forecast from Diane Abbott and when Boris Johnson floated the idea this week of spending £100 billion on a massive bridge to France it was too little too late. The company itself came about at the tail end of last century and the name "Carillion" is a corruption of the word "Carillon" as in a peal of bells in a clocktower. The government used a company whose branding was a spelling mistake to build schools.

Ok, to America where as of Friday midnight the government has shut down over failure to agree a spending bill. You'd think most people would be happy about the government closing but a lot of people are actually pretty pissed off it seems. Like many people waiting for the February paycheque after an expensive Christmas, the government has no money. The cause of all this is pretty simple: the Republicans have 51 votes out of 100 (a majority) but the senate requires 60 votes to pass the spending bill and President Trump's opponents won't vote for it unless the bill goes off on a tangent and includes guarantees for non-documented workers although they'd probably settle for the President apologising for his recent comments or maybe repaying the people who bought Trump Vodka from the famously teetotal businessman. The government shutdown frankly doesn't affect too many people for now although it's probably a pain if you need to get a passport renewed or if you work for the government and want to get back to work attempting to regulate the internet, ban things or scramble for something to pin on Russia and Paul Manafort. This is the US though so Government departments like the military and the FBI have big cash reserves to see them through for a while but this is going to be a protracted mess and we'll almost certainly be talking about this next week.
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2017 Oct 13 - Brexit Bill (again)


A lot of page filler about Brexit in the papers this week. Essentially nothing of substance has happened for a few days and there’s no proper developments as such. Yet at the same time, there’s no debacles from the White House this week and from a legal perspective, the newspaper lawyers would certainly prefer that their columnists discuss rumours about Phillip Hammond than those surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s ongoing ‘legal difficulties’

The supposed ‘Brexit Battle’ is that Phil ......

2017 Oct 05 - Theresa May's Speech & Catalonia


The big story of the week was supposed to be Theresa May’s Conservative Party Conference speech which, let’s say “didn’t go according to plan” unless that plan was “let’s make a pilot for a political comedy show in the style of Frank Spencer” There was a coughing fit, a prankster, the sign behind her literally fell apart and by the end I was looking around the stage to see if anyone had put a bucket of wallpaper paste at the top of a strategically placed ladder.

On the other ha ......

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2017 Sep 21 - Florence and Boris

It’s been a pretty bad week again in Central America, more tropical storms, Mexico suffering a another major earthquake and the other day I turned on the 10 o’clock news and for a while it seemed as though there were now dinosaurs on the loose in Costa Rica but then I realised the clocks don’t go back until next weekend and it was actually just the last half hour of Jurassic Park. The film holds up reasonably well actually, although if I wanted to see an older bearded man introducing dinos ......

2017 Sep 15 - New £10, New iPhone, Grenfell & North Korea


Rather than focus on one main news story, this week we saw the launch of 4 new things so I thought we’d go through each of them one at a time:

Starting with #1, the Bank of England started handing out the new £10 note. Some journalists and campaigners were keen to point out that it’s first note produced in a while with a lady on it, while more observant commentators took the time to flip it over and look at the other side of the note where the Queen’s been sitting for the past 6 decades ......

2017 Sep 07 - Hurricanes and Jeremy Corbyn

Not content with the damage it’s already done to the ExxonMobil share price, the Caribbean has another three storms moving in; the latest one (Hurricane Irma) has pretty much wiped out Barbuda and Hurricanes Jose and Katia are forming out at sea. I suppose hurricanes come in 3 or 4s like busses, although if I was a cyclist I’d frankly rather take my chances with hurricane Irma than take on a Bendy Bus.

The names of these storms by the way are preassigned and go up alphabetically, earlier in ......